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On a riverbank, Alice’s sister is teaching her a history lesson, but Alice is playing with her cat, Dinah, instead of listening, and begins to daydream about living in a nonsensical world. She then spots a White Rabbit in a waistcoat passing by, exclaiming that he is “late for a very important date”. Alice gives chase, following him into a large, furnished rabbit hole. She falls down into a vertical passage, and sees the Rabbit disappear into a room and leave through a tiny door. She tries to follow him but is too big to fit through the door, whose talking knob advises her to alter her size by drinking from a bottle marked “Drink Me”, which appears on a table. The contents cause her to shrink rapidly. Unfortunately, the door is locked and the key is on the table, out of reach. A box of cookies appears before Alice, and she tries one marked “Eat Me”, and grows so large that her head hits the ceiling. Upset, she weeps large tears which flood the room. She drinks the last of the contents in the bottle and shrinks again, easily floating through the door’s keyhole and into Wonderland inside the bottle. She meets numerous strange characters, including the Dodo, who invites her to take part in a caucus race to get dry, and Tweedledum and Tweedledee, who recount the tale of “The Walrus and the Carpenter”.

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